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Scientific research linking genomic mutations to health properties is now growing faster than any one person can keep up with. Patients see these studies too and are asking their doctors how they can get their DNA analyzed. N.A.G. is the solution, a precision medicine platform that uses AI to translate the latest scientific research into real clinical utility.

Transforming the Practice of Medicine

Traditional DNA tests suffer from many problems, including: 1) the scientific basis of their results is sometimes questionable, 2) there is not enough medical insight for relatively healthy patients, and 3) there is often little a doctor can do to mitigate a patient's medical problem, if one is found.

N.A.G. has created a suite of technologies that overcome these limitations:

sequencing machine Whole Genome Sequencing
We analyze all 22,000 human genes. By contrast, older tests, such as 23andMe, do what is called genotyping, which is looking at DNA in just a few discrete places. Other tests, called gene panels, just look at a few genes. Our test provides a vastly broader examination of the patient's genome.
code on computer Analytical Mastery
We detect point mutations, multinucleotide variations, copy number variations, and more. Our algorithms are sensitive enough to find mutations that may be unique to a specific individual. We can determine the combined effect of multiple variations at different sites in the genome.
data center Deep Genomic Knowledge
Our computer algorithms process millions of research papers to compile an enormous and highly accurate database of the meaning of genomic mutations, to provide you with the smartest results. Our database is updated weekly so you are always current with the latest science.
healthy food Clinically Actionable
We don't just identify medical problems; we also find solutions. Understanding the root cause of a medical problem may lead insight into a precise treatment with an improved outcome. Also, our analysis finds personalized diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips predicted to benefit a patient.
speedometer Fast and Efficient
Each person has millions of mutations. Unbelievably, some DNA companies pore over each mutation one by one — and expect you to spend time to do the same! N.A.G., by contrast, uses advanced AI algorithms to prioritize and explain DNA mutations, making things simple.
certificate Validated and Trusted
Our entire testing methodology, including analytical performance and quality control, has been inspected and approved by CLIA (reg. #22D2084314). Validation data and white papers are available. Our servers are protected by numerous layers of security, and DNA data is always securely encrypted.

Patients Who May Benefit


N.A.G. is potentially for everyone — not just those who have illness. In fact, a significant percentage of patients who take our test receive a life changing report: they learn they have a mutation strongly linked to a disease. Armed with this information, you as the physician can then potentially recommend increased screening, diet and lifestyle adjustments, or other steps to promote wellness. Another valuable benefit for almost any patient are genomically derived guidelines for medication selection and dosing.

Mysterious Symptoms

Approximately 10% of us have a rare medical condition. (This may be counterintuitive, but the reason is because there are 1000s of rare conditions.) Most rare conditions are not immediately life threatening, and discovering that your patient has something rare could answer important questions about their health. It may explain their symptoms, and it could enable you to manage their health better. We have helped doctors solve some of their toughest patients (e.g. fatigue, migraine, pain, autoimmune problems, gastrointestinal problems, unusual sensitivities, brain fog, dysautonomia, etc.).


While of course many oncologists order our test, many internists order our test for cancer evaluation as well. If your patient has a personal or family history of cancer, it can be valuable to understand where that cancer comes from: it can lead to more accurate risk stratification, an individualized screening protocol, if special foods or environmental factors can reduce their risk, and even novel therapies. Importantly, whereas cancer gene panels look at just 2-80 genes, ours is the only test to examine all 1000+ "tumor suppressor" genes.

Whole Family

Genomics is even more powerful when multiple family members get tested, because it gives a fuller picture of how specific genomic mutations influence medical problems. Children who inherited those mutations can fully understand their risk and have plenty of time to undertake mitigation strategies. Moreover, just because two parents are healthy does not mean their children face no genetic risk. In fact, a person generally carries numerous genetic defects that do not impact their own health but could combine with their partner's DNA to produce major diseases for their kids.

All-Star Doctors

More than 700 doctors across the US, Europe, and Asia use N.A.G. Here is what some of the best of the best say about us:

As a Family Medicine physician, I value actionable data when deciding on testing and when counseling my patients. New Amsterdam Genomics scientific based expertise has allowed me to inform, educate and often times reassure my patients based on their genetic testing results. Using their online resources, tools and actionable insight through data, helps my patients receive the most individualized care available / possible. NAG has truly allowed me to redefine the letters PCP. I can now honestly say that I'm a Personalized Care Physician.

Dr. Geoffrey Burns

Dr. Geoffrey BurnsRenaissance Family Medicine — Wellesley, MA

New Amsterdam Genomics exome sequencing is the beginning of the future standard in which patients will have a genetic blueprint to help guide them and their physicians in day to day choices as well as customized plans for the prevention of illness. Beyond the strength of the technology, the ongoing revision of relevance for each patient's data on newly published findings in the literature is a particularly appealing feature of their program.

Dr. Dirk Frater

Dr. Dirk FraterE. Barrow Medical Group — Dallas, TX

I find that my patients are excited about having their genome analyzed and having it explained to them in a clear and concise manner. We are now able to determine hidden health risks so we can better advise our patients on potentially preventive therapies. And, the ability to learn of pharmacogenetic issues that may guide us to alternative treatment options is priceless. This is one of the best preventive and discovery tools I have at my disposal today.

Dr. Thom Lobe

Dr. Thom LobeRegeneveda — Chicago, IL

The experience with NAG in my practice has been entirely positive. Patients are empowered to become more engaged in their health and their future when they have the level of information that is available through genomic testing with NAG.

Dr. Edward Goldberg

Dr. Edward S. GoldbergConcierge MD

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Scientific Qualifications

About us: N.A.G. is led by MDs and PhDs from Caltech, Harvard, Stanford, and Rockefeller.

Caltech   Harvard   Stanford   Rockefeller

Experience N.A.G. Yourself

The doctors who are best able to explain precision medicine to their patients have experienced our test themselves. Therefore, we invite you to get sequenced (at a special doctor rate). As an added incentive, one of our MDs or PhDs will personally walk you through every detail of your results and answer any question you might have. Our goal is to make you fully capable of and confident in incorporating genomics into your own patient care.

Start Today

We at N.A.G. want to guide you through the new world of precision medicine. Here is how to start:

  1. Enter your contact information in the box below so we can send you materials.
  2. For our germline test, your patient submits saliva using a simple kit they can use at their home or your office. For our cancer test, we will coordinate with the necessary parties to obtain part of the patient's tumor tissue. DNA is extracted from the specimen, and the sequence is calculated. N.A.G. runs sophisticated algorithms on the data to uncover meaning and impact.
  3. N.A.G. delivers you a report explaining your patient's unique findings. With your patient's genome decoded, it is probable that you will find many new ways to optimize their health and longevity.
  4. As the only AI platform for health, N.A.G. will continue to reanalyze your patient's data, keeping their findings up-to-date with the latest scientific research.

How Can DNA Testing Help My Patients?

Receive free, no-obligation information on how our groundbreaking technology can help your patients. When your patients ask about genomics, you will be the expert with the most scientifically accurate answers!