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New Amsterdam Genomics has a vision of healthcare where we do not just treat disease or slow progression toward it, but we instead maximize healthiness. N.A.G. is building technologies that empower patients and doctors to achieve this aim.


N.A.G. was founded in 2013 by Andrew Mills, a PhD in computer science. After his mom was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer, Andrew was determined to apply his computer science abilities to prevent other families from suffering the same emotional turmoil. Happily, N.A.G.'s analysis provided useful information for management of her disease.


Our organization is dedicated to the premise that computer technology will revolutionize healthcare, and the experience of our team reflects that conviction. We have multiple PhDs in computer science and biology, from leading institutions such as Caltech and Rockefeller University. We have MDs from Harvard and Stanford, two of the world's leading academic hospitals. Our physicians do research in genomics and cancer and are uniquely qualified in the analysis of DNA.


We are hiring exceptional individuals who have earned a computer science degree from a top university or a PhD in data analysis or genomics. Compensation is very generous and the benefits are outstanding. You will have the opportunity to work with the brightest minds in the industry, solving problems that have a genuine and immediate impact on humanity. We believe in radical transparency: no one should be afraid to critique anyone else's work, and everybody's opinion is valued. We are an intense organization, but we also enjoy each other's company and have fun together. You may apply by .

Our headquarters is shown on the map below. We also have personnel in New York, San Francisco, and India.

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N.A.G. is partnering with doctors, hospitals, electronic health record providers, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance companies to expand genomics analyses to everyone. We love meeting new people and hope to hear from you soon.